From Freedom to Freedom

What is it that being free really means?

At a time when our movements have been limited within four walls, can we feel free? Confined in time and space, our routines change. Through the windows of our homes, televisions, computers and mobile phones we look at each other, at the outside, at the world, and we reflect.

A film collecting 10 perspectives that reflect what freedom means now

Segment 2: Your Spaceship

Directed by Vasco Mendes

On April 17, 2020, 3 astronauts return to Earth after months on a mission in Space. They return to a different world than the one they were used to when they left. Where they would expect freedom, they find a closed and isolated environment, in silence, similar to what they are used to in Space. The city that never sleeps is asleep now, and the invisible borders turned into walls around us..

Segment 5: Nothing but the Mountains of the Past

Directed by João Diogo Marques

A personal look on the possibility of freedom in quarantine through recording experiences of the past