Unidentified Flying Collection

A close encounter of the first kind

Portuguese Flannel

Put on your dancing shoes

Today Might Be The Last Day I See Your Face

A journey into the future of the city that doesn’t sleep, a moment before it disappears in the mist.


The fragments of a relationship on the last days of a relationship.

Good Times

The kids don’t go out at night anymore. A girl controls a robot-dancer so he can have fun for her and entertain her.


Two players try to find their match inside a virtual reality videogame


Brand video for Harmonia, a place to create

Representing the Underrepresented

Representing the Underrepresented was shot in November 2018 during the 12th edition of Le Guess Who?

Primavera Sound Line-up

A film done to reveal the bands that were going to play the Primavera Sound festival

Le Bureau

Four women break their boring office routine