Never Still, Always Chill

Ad for Go Chill drink. Shot between the North of Spain and Porto.Shot in 16mm. directed by GATTOPARDOedited by GATTOPARDOagency Kingdomcinematographer João Castela1st AC Miguel Ângelo2nd AC João Portoexecutive Producer Bruno Nacaratoproducer Marta Assunçãoart assistant Francisca Alves, João Monteiromua Maria Fontesrunner Danilo Nacarato voice over Sara Barros Leitão (PT), Sara Santervás (ES), Alexane Poggi (FR)music […]

NOS Discurso do Capitão

Ad with Sporting CP captain Sebastián Coates

Um pé no NOS Alive

ad for a music festival

WTF Clubbing

Ad to promote the WTF Clubbing stage on NOS Alive festival

Castello Branco 4/4

Music video for 4/4 by Castello Branco

Unidentified Flying Collection

A close encounter of the first kind

Today Might Be The Last Day I See Your Face

A journey into the future of the city that doesn’t sleep, a moment before it disappears in the mist.


Two players try to find their match inside a virtual reality videogame

Last Sole Cap.1

Pursuit, revenge of a lost soul for Last Sole

Dark Sand

A man trapped in is own voice follows patterns through cycles as the only way to escape.