Primavera Sound Line-up

A film done to reveal the bands that were going to play the Primavera Sound festival

Mewga Muzika

Mewġa Mużika is an interactive musical work curated by the Portuguese group ondamarela. Various communities take part in intensive workshops with maestro Tim Steiner, to create a big community orchestra representing the island of Malta and Gozo. Mewġa Mużika is a documentary that narrates this entire process.

From Freedom to Freedom

What is it that being free really means?

Little of your time

The milliseconds before a kiss.

Love Family

Love of a brother, twins of one mother.

Last Sole Cap.1

Pursuit, revenge of a lost soul for Last Sole

Dark Sand

A man trapped in is own voice follows patterns through cycles as the only way to escape.

Pull & Bear Côte D’Âzur

Two British sisters, give us a tour of the Cote d’Azur while enjoying the sun, the sea and the allure of the French Riviera.

Never Stop Walking

Be Bold